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Please make check or money order payable to:

Calaveras Community Foundation

mail to:

P. O. Box 1436
Angels Camp, California 95222

If you are donating to a specific fund, please write the name of the fund to which you are donating on the memo line.

Gifts of cash should not be mailed. Please contact the Community Foundation at 209-736-1845 to make arrangements for a cash gift.


Individuals and businesses can make a lasting difference in the community by supporting Calaveras Community Foundation in a variety of ways. Calaveras Community Foundation accepts gifts in many forms, including cash, publicly traded securities, real estate, life insurance policies, and various other assets. Together we can build a vibrant community of immeasurable and lasting value. Contact the Foundation for additional information on how you can create your legacy in Calaveras County.

With only $1,000, you, your family, your service group or your business can establish a named fund at the Foundation that can be designed to accomplish your particular charitable goals.

  • A donor-advised fund allows you or another named advisor to suggest when and how funds will be disbursed.
  • A designated fund supports a specific community project or organization you select.
  • A field-of-interest fund restricts disbursements to one or more fields of interest, such as education, health, social services, recreation, arts or the environment.
  • A scholarship fund provides financial support for students in the County or at a particular school and can be designated for particular studies. The Foundation handles all the paperwork and distribution of the funds awarded and can work with you to design the fund to accomplish your goals.

Funds can be established as endowment or non-endowment funds, as described below:

  • An endowment fund is intended to last in perpetuity. Usually, principal is left to grow, and only income is used for the purposes of the fund.
  • A non-endowment fund is intended to be used within a reasonably short period of time unless additional contributions are made. Both principal and income are used for the purposes of the fund.

You can make a lasting difference.  Contact the Foundation for additional information on how you can create your legacy in Calaveras County. We welcome calls and emails with questions.

Creating a charitable legacy is one of the most lasting and powerful actions you can take. The Calaveras Community Foundation offers a wide range of planned giving options that allow you to create a highly personalized legacy. We can help you fulfill your vision with options such as a donor-advised fund for your family, custom scholarships, or a fund that supports your specific impact priorities.

Name the Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.  As a tax-exempt organization, the Foundation can receive funds from a tax-deferred account without income tax liability and apply the full amount of the funds for charitable purposes.

Name the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or revocable trust.  You can defer your gift until after your death, knowing that your legacy will live on after you are gone.

If you are interested in creating a legacy with the Foundation, please contact us!

You make an even bigger impact by donating securities, including stocks and bonds, mutual funds or real estate. As a tax-exempt organization, the Foundation can sell assets without paying capital gains and can apply the full amount of the proceeds for charitable purposes.

Direct gifts of real estate or other long-term securities can provide significant benefits to the donor. You can:

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax;
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction based on fair market value of the property;
  • Make a greater philanthropic impact; and
  • Leave a lasting legacy for you and your family.