Funding will only be given for a specific project that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be a not-for-profit 501(c)3, a school or other unit of government.
  • Not-for-profit organization:


  • Only complete applications will be considered. That includes:
  • Is for the public benefit and serves Calaveras County residents only.
  • Shows evidence of non-discriminatory policies in hiring staff and providing services
  • Is not for an endowment fund or an annual campaign, to retire long-term indebtedness or to a private foundation or other grant-making organization.
  • Does not support or influence a political purpose (legislation or elections) or promote a specific religion.
  • Is NOT for personnel or overhead expenses of any type

A project that

  • Is innovative.
  • Provides a unique and positive impact within Calaveras County
  • Demonstrates excellent planning and clear feasibility, with reasonable work plans, including benchmarks of performance and means of measuring success.
  • May include collaboration with other Calaveras County agencies or organizations.
  • Does not duplicate existing services or projects.
  • Can be funded, or partially funded, up to $10,000.
  • Must be completed within 12-months from notification of award.

No more than one application may be submitted per non-profit, school, or unit of government.

  • Applications from non-profits must include the signatures of the Executive Director/CEO and the Board Chair/President.
  • Applications from schools must be signed by the Teacher and Principal.
  • Applications from other units of government must be signed by the organization’s top Administrator or Board Chair.