Update-The Arnold Rim Trail

This update came out in Mid May from the Arnold Rim Trail Association to answer the question, “Is the Arnold Rim Trail open? In summary, this is the answer: “We are following the Covid-19 safety instructions for the Stanislaus National Forest since the Arnold Rim Trail is locate there.
At this point, the Forest Service has announced that all organized activities, plus campgrounds, and the Forest Service roads are closed. However, Forest Service is allowing individuals to use the trails (respecting social distancing of course) and that includes the Arnold Rim Trail.”

In the same article was a recent report on how the Arnold Rim Trail Association was progressing on installing new signs with distances added and directional information. “This past fall and winter, we installed eighty additional posts both on the Arnold Rim Trail and also new loop trails that we are developing for future use. There remains several hundred more signs to install. Then, the next phase of the project will be the placement of “You-Are-Here” maps. These maps will assist in orientation when out on the trail. ”

Additionally, the Calaveras County Foundation (CCF) who issued a grant to the Arnold Rim Association, in 2019, making this signage buildout possible, were acknowledged and thanked.

The photo above shows many of the dedicated trail and sign workers that have helped make these upgrades possible.