PG&E Makes 2014 Donation

PG&E recently presented Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) with a generous $5000 donation to benefit The Career and Technical Training (C&TT) Scholarship Fund.

The Career and Technical Training Scholarship Fund, founded in 2010, helps to support alternative forms of higher education, including two-year community college and trade school certificates. In 2014, six C&TT scholarships were awarded to high school graduates at both Calaveras High School and Bret Harte High School. Each student received a check for $1500.

“At PG&E, we strive to deliver on our commitment to help our local communities be as vibrant as they can be. We are committed to preserving and building on what makes California great: thriving neighborhoods and natural habitats, diversity, and opportunity”, states

Dylan George, PG&E’s Government Relations Representative. He continues, “We take great pride in the community partnerships we have created, like with CCF, and are grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge and support citizens and organizations committed to making California a better place to live and to work.”


Four girls and two boys received these C&TT scholarships for 2014. Anticipated fields of study for these graduates included: electrical lineman, veterinary medicine, medical/health field, automotives, and nursing.