Deputy Sheriff’s Association Establishes Fund with CCF

The Calaveras Community Foundation has received a $3000 check from the Calaveras Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The DSA is an affiliation of sworn deputies and personnel from the Calaveras Sheriff’s Department. They independently raise funds for causes that benefit and promote public safety in the County. They also work with schools to provide extracurricular activities and provide scholarships for students wishing to pursue a law enforcement career.

“We want to make a difference in young people’s lives before we see them in trouble,” said Tracy Busby, President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. “Too often we only see kids after they’ve broken the law. Our hope is to be a positive influence in their lives before we become adversaries. We want the public to see us as the good guys, not just cops who hunt down bad people. By partnering with the Calaveras Foundation, we hope to generate good-will in the community and influence even more youngster’s lives.”

“The Calaveras Community Foundation welcomes our new partnership with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association,” said Linda Kangeter, President of the Calaveras Community Foundation. “We want to help our youth become productive members of society by reaching out to them and providing them with opportunities. There is no better partner in this endeavor than our deputies in the Sheriff’s Department.”

Pictured: Tyson McMahon, Treasurer of DSA; Linda Kangeter, President of CCF; Tracy Busby, President of DSA; Rick DiBasilio, Secretary of DSA; not pictured: Heather Gordon, Vice President of DSA.

The Calaveras Community Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. To make donations to the Deputy Sheriff’s Association Fund or for more information on CCF, visit: