Covid-19 Grantee Report (6/22/2020)

Names of those in the photograph (from left to right): Phil Melicker, Scott Freier, Jack Shaffer, Damon Bortz, Elaine Shaffer, Tess Leary, Diane Freier and Patti Corcoran (leaning in front of Diane)

On March 27, 2020, Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) announced local non-profit organizations could begin to apply for funds, from the Disaster Relief Fund (established during the Butte Fire). The purpose was to help offset immediate expenses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The preparation and/or delivery of food and supplies to those impacted, particularly county seniors and medical personnel, was given as an example of what would be an appropriate grant idea.

Ebbetts Pass Women of the Moose Lodge, in Arnold, were one of the early applicants. Their “Free Lunch Program”, a vision of Patti Corcoran & Scott Freier, was begun on March 23, 2020. Those lunches included a sandwich, fruit, potato chips and dessert. Their goal was to help fill a void for anyone having a difficult time due to being out of work due to Covid-19, particularly for county seniors and medical personnel. Lunches were picked up at the curb at the Moose Lodge or were delivered for those who were house bound & unable to drive.

The first day of the program, 34 lunches were provided (3/27). As a comparison, on 5/13 (nearly 30 days later), 157 lunches were provided! For this total period of time, the industrious volunteers had provided nearly 3,000 lunches! What an accomplishment!

CCF provided grant funds to help with this endeavor –and loyal volunteers helped to make this happen. Businesses in Arnold that were open and gave help along the way were: Ebbetts Pass Fire Department, CHP, Big Trees Market, Ace Hardware, Meadowmont Pharmacy, Dollar General, El Dorado Bank, Napa Auto Parts, Avery Transfer Station and many others. The Moose Lodge passes along their heartiest THANK YOU!

Other loyal volunters, not shown in the photo above, are: Laurie Ahlberg, Ian Aiton, Mary Ann Fabian, Donovan Hamanaka Sr, and Donovan Hamanaka, Jr, Pete & Nancy Murray, Kris Borta, and Susanne St. Charles.