Covid-19 Grant to Good Samaritan Community Covenant Church Food Bank by Calaveras Community Foundation (November 2020)

Jed Hollenbach, new Lead Pastor of Good Samaritan Community Covenant Church, in Valley Springs, recently had the opportunity to personally thank Terry Beaudoin, a board member of Calaveras Community Foundation for their very generous $5,000 COVID-19 grant donation to Good Samaritan Food Pantry. Since Calaveras Community Foundation’s inception in 2000, over $2,600,000 has been distributed to worthy causes through competitive grants, scholarships and assistance in Calaveras County.

COVID-19 grants from Calaveras Community Foundation were provided to nonprofits directly providing support to Calaveras County residents needing immediate assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most COVID-19 grant funding by Calaveras Community Foundation was related to the provision of food to those who had lost their jobs, seniors reluctant to leave their homes during the crisis and others with food scarcity issues. 

Pastor Jed stated, “On behalf of Good Samaritan Food Pantry and the many volunteers engaged weekly in various tasks preparing for food distribution, we give our sincere gratitude to the Calaveras Community Foundation for providing funding to help us feed our community in need.”