2014 Career & Technical Training (C&TT) Scholarships Awarded

Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) presented Career and Technical Training scholarships to three Calaveras High School students at the annual Senior Award Night on June 4, 2014 at the high school.  Each recipient received $1500.

Omar Macias, Valley Springs, will be attending Delta College and pursuing vocational training in the automotive field. Omar’s personal statement essay states: “The CHS auto technology program has given me skills that I will be able to use in a college program. Ultimately, I’d like to apply to the Caterpillar program, work on heavy equipment and pursue work in the construction industry.”

Morgan Couch, Valley Springs, is passionate about a career in the nursing field with emphasis on radiology and ultrasound. Folsom Lake College is her choice of colleges. After completing her prerequisites, she plans to transfer to Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. Morgan states: “I have had great positive influences in my life and the ROP medical class has allowed me to intern at Sutter Amador Hospital in Jackson. With a degree in radiology and ultrasound, I will be able to reach my goal of helping others plus doing what I love.”

San Joaquin Delta College is the school Kaley Garcia, West Point, will be attending. Nursing is her chosen field of endeavor. Coming from a large family, Kaley is determined to be the first child in their family to attend college. She credits her community and her parents for encouraging her to follow her dreams. Kaley shares, “My family has always taught me to never give up and pursue my dreams and that is exactly what I plan to do.”

Barbara Boyd White, CCF Scholarship Chair states, “CCF is fortunate to receive many generous donations from individuals and business that benefit the C&TT fund. Those donations allow CCF to pass on sizable scholarships to those students pursuing a vocational trade. Congratulations to all.“

CCF administers the funds that make these C&TT scholarships possible. Begun in 2011, over $28,000 has been awarded to date. Of the 206 CHS graduates, fifty-four percent of the graduates will attend community colleges or trade schools. CCF is proud to offer these scholarships to assist with those endeavors.

Calaveras High School Career & Technical Training Awardees: Omar Macias, Kaley Garcia and Morgan Couch

Calaveras High School Career & Technical Training Awardees: Omar Macias, Kaley Garcia and Morgan Couch