The Foundation has a history of awarding grants to a wide variety of good projects. Total applications for grants always exceed the amount that can be funded each year; therefore, many very worthwhile projects do not get funded through our program. We suggest your group have a strong project that benefits, impacts and serves Calaveras County residents.


The Calaveras Community Foundation is seeking applications for its 2024 competitive grant process. Any project submitted by a qualified applicant will be considered. A wide variety of projects is being sought, but due to some funding sources available this year, special emphasis will also be placed on applications addressing food scarcity, mental health issues and substance abuse education and prevention.

Funding will only be given for a specific project that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be a not-for-profit 501(c)3, a school or other unit of government.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Is for the public benefit and serves Calaveras County residents only.
  • Shows evidence of non-discriminatory policies in hiring staff and providing services
  • Is not for an endowment fund or an annual campaign, to retire long-term indebtedness or to a private foundation or other grant-making organization.
  • Does not support or influence a political purpose (legislation or elections) or promote a specific religion.
  • Is NOT for personnel or overhead expenses of any type

A project that:

  • Can be funded, or partially funded, up to $10,000.
  • Is innovative.
  • Provides a unique and positive impact within Calaveras County
  • Demonstrates excellent planning and clear feasibility, with reasonable work plans, including benchmarks of performance and means of measuring success.
  • May include collaboration with other Calaveras County agencies or organizations.
  • Does not duplicate existing services or projects.
  • Must be completed within 12-months from notification of award.

No more than one application may be submitted per non-profit, school, or unit of government.

  • Applications from non-profits must include the signatures of the Executive Director/CEO and the Board Chair/President.
  • Applications from schools must be signed by the Teacher and Principal.
  • Applications from other units of government must be signed by the organization’s top Administrator or Board Chair.

Applications will begin to be accepted on July 1, 2024, and must be submitted to CCF by Wednesday, July 31, 2024. No mailed applications will be accepted.

All applicants will be notified by the end of September